Newspaper Editor, Delsea Regional High School (2006)

After two years as a student journalist, I was responsible for designing the layout of the school paper on Adobe InDesign, gave assignments to student journalists, and edited student journalist article submissions.

CBS News and KYW News Radio “Newstudies” Program, Philadelphia, PA (2006)

I completed the Newstudies program at CBS News in Philadelphia. It was a 6-week course that taught us interviewing techniques, backstage training on news shoots, tours of facilities, etc. We had the opportunity to attend a Press Conference for Hilary Clinton in the Constitution Center. By the end of the program, I was required to write and record a 30-second piece for KYW News Radio. I spoke about Delsea’s upcoming Relay for Life fundraiser.

Be A Star Studios, Deptford, NJ. (2008)

I was the head Photographer at Be A Star Studios, which was a recording studio run by Grammy-Award winning producer Eddie Hustle.  I had to write clever tag lines on client work on a daily basis, as well as do multiple photo shoots each day.

Press Liaison, Kotoricon. Sewell, NJ (2016)

I was the Press Liaison, which meant that I met with members of the press to answer any questions they may have about the event.



Associate’s Degree in Psychology

Bachelor’s Degree in Jurisprudence (Law School preparatory program)

Relevant Courses:

Introduction to Creative Writing

Creative Non-Fiction Writing

Legal Writing

Thesis Writing Seminar




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